Teach at the speed of AI

Teaching with AI-Powered Lesson Planning and Engagement

Craft, connect, and customize lessons, align with skills and standards, differentiate learning, connect with students and parents, and save hours of precious time. 

Save Hours in Preparation Plan and Teach

Unleash your creativity as AI effortlessly crafts standards-aligned lesson plans and assignments. Generate Lesson Plans from anything.

Generate Assignments and Answer Keys Assign and Assess

Create and customize assignments for any subject, instantly. Differentiate your assignments and align with national standards. Create answer keys from your questions.


A Single AI Platform Enrich and Differentiate

Provide everything you need for class time and take home. Differentiate for individual students or in groups.

Student Engagement and Parent Communication Communicate and Engage

Use AI to automate communication with parents and students. Create and send engaging rewards.

Families are Connected Parents and Students

Students can complete their assignments and view their rewards all in one app. Parents and guardians can communicate with the teachers, get important announcements and view their kids’ progress.

  • Communicate with Teachers and see announcements
  • Complete assignments and submit for grading
  • View class and school bulletins and stay up to date
  • Receive fun rewards like stickers, pop-its, certificates and custom rewards
  • A central hub for all classes
  • Available on every device

FERPA and COPPA compliant We take Privacy very seriously

We do not use or disclose information (whether personal information or otherwise) about students that we collect through the educational products and services we provide. We are proud to be the signatory to the 2020 Student Privacy Pledge, committing to keep student data safe, private and secure by effectively protecting the privacy of student information and communicating with parents as to how student information is used and safeguarded. We are pledging to carry out responsible stewardship and appropriate use of Student information, in adherence with the Student Privacy Pledge.

  • We do not collect information from children without parent's explicit consent
  • We do not use student data for any purpose other than providing our products or services to teachers and schools
  • We do not share data with third parties without obtaining consent
  • We do not, nor will we ever, sell any personal information
  • We use the most stringent security methods to safeguard data